Axosoft was just nominated as one of the best places to work in Phoenix by the Phoenix Business Journal. Pretty cool! Thanks to all of our awesome team for making that happen!

Just got to HeatSync Labs where there is an HTML5 gaming competition going on. Submissions of games that were started from scratch today are made by 8pm. Very cool.

I’m at Amazon’s re:invent conference. I’m blown away by how much traction AWS has gotten. 6,000 people here in a sold out conference. Amazon has done such an amazing job that even their competitors like Netflix operate on their cloud. Reed Hastings said they are currently at more than 90% of their servers running on …

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This is why I like Montessori schools. In traditional schools you learn about chickens. In Montessori you walk outside to the chicken coop and feed the chicken yourself. I think it creates a different level of knowledge and respect within those kids for their food supply.

At techiepalooza at ASU’s skysong…I have never seen this level of startup and entrepreneur activity in Arizona. Lots of exciting stuff going on.

Didn’t know this place existed! Fantastic space and super cheap for startups. Just got a tour from Jeff Saville, the executive director. I did an interview about how I got into software development, agile, scrum and Axosoft. Just published. (Source:

Über launch event at Sanctuary. They are now officially in the Phoenix area.

Watch out. I’m on Tumblr!

The world is going to get more of my random musings. I wish the world some luck!