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How to Create a Software Company

If you’re considering starting a software company, I’ve given a handful of talks that might be helpful… Market Timing is Your Friend Start with this talk that highlights the importance of market timing. When is it a good time to get into a market? When is it a bad time? How should you market your …

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A Deep Analysis of Tesla and its Stock Potential (the case for Tesla shares hitting $3,000!)

Once upon a time Steve Jobs was ridiculed by the pundits, and even Michael Dell himself (the king of the PC world at the time), for having such a naively simple plan to put Apple back on the map. His plan was simple. He broke down all computers into 4 types: Consumer Desktops, Consumer Laptops, …

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Embracing Diversity

As an immigrant from Iran, and founder of Axosoft and Pure Chat, I felt it was important to share what it means to be an American with the awesome and diverse men and women who make Axosoft and Pure Chat what it is. I shared this email with our teams… In 1984, my parents (then …

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My Dad

On Monday of this week, my dad passed away, which has made for an emotional week. Being there for my mom and family, helping make funeral arrangements (expect to be surprised at the costs – which by the way, it’s better to arrange before time of death) and presenting my dad’s life in a manner …

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A Different Take on Throwbacks

Over the past decade, I have written and published a number of articles (usually blog posts) on a variety of topics that have been published on a bunch of different sites. Many of these sites, including those that we managed ourselves, are now defunct. So over the coming weeks, I intend to dig up some …

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