How to Create a Software Company

If you’re considering starting a software company, I’ve given a handful of talks that might be helpful…

Market Timing is Your Friend

Start with this talk that highlights the importance of market timing. When is it a good time to get into a market? When is it a bad time? How should you market your product and how should you price it? All of these subjects are discussed in this video:

Product is King

It’s a lot easier to build a successful company when you have an insanely great product. This talk focuses on the importance of product excellence and the 5 common things behind some of the most successful products:

Speaking of building a great product, it’s important to know how to get things done. If you have a team of people who all need to coordinate to ship a product, you might find this intro to Agile and Scrum video helpful:

Handful of Lessons Learned

Building a product is hard, there are always compromises. Should you build Feature A that customers are asking for or Feature B that helps expand your market?

No self-respecting entrepreneur wants to focus on finances, but without some fundamental knowledge of finances, you will fail.

Then, there’s marketing…how do you get people to know about your product in a sea of products?

These and other lessons I’ve learned from building 3 software companies and 5 successful products are discussed in this video:

Give Your Team a Stake

And if you do build a successful software company, you’ll want to give your team members a stake in the game. The most common path is to provide team members stock options. This video explains what stock options are all about:

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