A Different Take on Throwbacks

Over the past decade, I have written and published a number of articles (usually blog posts) on a variety of topics that have been published on a bunch of different sites. Many of these sites, including those that we managed ourselves, are now defunct. So over the coming weeks, I intend to dig up some …

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Halloween pictures at Axosoft. One of our guys was dressed up as me (I always carry my yellow coffee cup around).

Epic Email from our IT Guys

This past Saturday, our IT guys (who prefer to be unnamed because at least one of them probably works as a CIA agent in his spare time) came in to make some network modifications at the office and sent this email to all Axosoft employees: Hey Kids, Over the weekend Alex and I changed the …

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Humans Need Not Apply

So this video makes a damn compelling argument about the inevitable unemployment growth that will occur in the future because of the growth of technology and automation. What do you think? (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

I’m going to start writing again. Sorry world. I know you were perfectly happy without me doing any writing, but you’re going to have to put up with it.

Lunchtime at Axosoft.