This is how we celebrate Axoween!

Arizona’s Tech Motto: You Can Do that!

As a software entrepreneur in Arizona, I’ve been frustrated for some time with the perception both within Arizona and outside of Arizona about whether or not you can build an awesome software company in Arizona. Even more frustrating (and quite frankly, demeaning) is when I hear people say that the “talent doesn’t exist in Arizona.” …

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Employee Stock Option Plans Explained

You hear the words “Stock Options” quite frequently, but not everyone knows what they are. It seems that everyone instinctively knows that it’s a good thing to receive stock options from their employer. What you might not know is exactly how stock options work and why most stock options expire worthless. A couple of days …

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Building a Flat Organization

As founder of Axosoft, one of my goals is to build the type of company that I would love to work at, even if I wasn’t the founder. From the start, I wanted to make sure we have rockstar managers running every department. And we did. For a few years, Axosoft was run by me …

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There is a 3D printer manufacturing company inside the techshop place. They are called $1,400. Sweet!

At techshop in San Francisco. Such an awesome place. We need one of these in az.

Working in San Francisco

This week (and much of this month), I am working from San Francisco. My base is at the Parisoma coworking space near Market and 11th. Hit me up if you want to meet up. 

New machines for Dev. Going with laptops + 2 external dell monitors.

G3 Box Building a Clinic in Kenya

The ASU-based startup called G3 Box hopes to build medical clinics out of old shipping containers and then send them to countries in need of such services. Each of these clinics have a rough cost of about $80K and the crew at G3 has been painstakingly building their first one over the past couple of …

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JIRA Dev Team Doesn’t Use JIRA?

Today, a colleague brought a new JIRA 6 sneak peak video to my attention. It’s rare for me to pay attention to what our competitors are doing, but in this case, JIRA 6 is supposedly focusing on addressing “User Experience” an area that is a huge strength of Axosoft’s OnTime product. Ever since our pricing …

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