Wait I don’t get it. How is the surface pro going to be different from this Samsung? Specs look identical.

Excited for the awesome community showing at our offices tonight. Thanks to Michael Witham.

This is my favorite wall at infusionsoft’s new office space. Very cool place. They did an awesome job!

WTF? Our recruiter just fired us because our expectations are too high

For the past 10 years, Axosoft has never used a recruiting company to hire. We’ve always looked for and painstakingly found each individual hire we’ve made. But as we grow and the need to find good people becomes increasingly painful, we decided to bite the bullet and hired one of the top recruiting company’s in …

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Last night, in the middle of the night, I was walking by one of the Nest thermostats in my house and it said to me “What are you doing up, Hamid?” Freaked me out. Should I be afraid? 

The new zen massage/relaxation room at Axosoft.

I took this picture of the Orion Nebula last night (my first such picture) using a Canon 60D camera and a Meade LS 6" telescope. I was blown away by the detail and color that the image has vs. just looking through the telescope eyepiece of the telescope. In the middle, towards the right, you …

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Installed 2 Nest thermostats in our house over the break. It was super easy (< 30 minute install) and it’s an amazing little device. Loving being able to control temp from my phone too. Can’t wait for this company to make more products.

Excited for MakerBot Replicator 2

It’s Christmas Eve and I couldn’t resist. I was just reading about the new MakerBot 3D printer and decided to get one for our office. Now the 8-week delivery wait starts. Can’t wait. 

All Axosoft Employees Will Be Watching TED 2013 Live!

I’m super excited about registering our company so that all Axosoft employees will be able to watch the TED 2013 conference live in Feb 25 – Mar 1st.  We are planning a full virtual conference experience around it for Axosoft employees. It should be an amazing experience.   http://www.ted.com/pages/tedlive