WTF? Our recruiter just fired us because our expectations are too high

For the past 10 years, Axosoft has never used a recruiting company to hire. We’ve always looked for and painstakingly found each individual hire we’ve made. But as we grow and the need to find good people becomes increasingly painful, we decided to bite the bullet and hired one of the top recruiting company’s in the valley to help accelerate our hiring efforts.

Today, we interviewed the first 2 candidates for the expansion of our “Office Management / Accounting” team (by the way, if you are interested, visit this page to apply). The candidates weren’t ideal and we decided to pass. That wasn’t the interesting part. We pass on candidates all the time, but when I contacted the recruiting company to let them know how the interviews went, I was given quite a beating. The recruiter had already spoken to both candidates and was shocked why I would ask a candidate to answer a math question (such as 10% of 25) or why I would make someone write an Excel spreadsheet formula on the whiteboard. She wasn’t shocked about the fact that these supposedly top-notch candidates got these problems wrong, she was shocked why I would ask such shocking questions! How dare I give interview candidates “tests” to see if they will be able to perform their job function.

Really? I’m not sure what this recruiter was expecting. Maybe they expected me to just hire whoever they send and pay them their recruiting fee. Silly me. I thought recruiters are suppose to save me time by finding quality candidates who meet our requirements.

Arrgh! Back to the proven methods that has given us an absolutely amazing team! It just requires a lot of patience. Damn you patience!

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